Gorgeous and gory: the zombie pinup collection

Rajs and company happen to be producing top quality zombie pin-up photos since 2010. What began like a project to finance a global record breaking zombie walk has launched right into a fabulous calendar series and today a superbly disturbing photography collection.

4 years of calendar images and extra supplemental photographs counseled me artfully taken and meticulously styled. Rajs’ experience like a fashion professional photographer and model surely offered the work perfectly as each image appears possess a clear focus and purpose. Each calendar has its very own pre-determined vision. The work went from 1950s classic pin-up zombies and 1960s vivacious zombies to mermaid zombies after which to more classic pin-up styled zombies. The aim throughout each photo set ended up being to bring about top quality and authentic searching images. Each detail was carefully organized. In the costumes and posing towards the set designs and latex gore effects, the pictures are great. I enjoy stating that each photo is really as beautiful because it is disturbing. (Though possibly what’s disturbing is they are extremely beautiful? Who are able to say!)

My personal favorite zombie in the first group of pin-ups was certainly Mary-Leigh. I suppose her photos were for that December shoot as a number of them featured her hanging an eyeball with an aluminum Christmas tree. I believe the best shot of her may be the one I’ll show. It features her sitting on her knees, on the job her sides, your camera concentrate on the gaping, bloody eye socket where her eye was once. GORE-geous indeed!

When I pointed out above, for calendar two they leaped toward the 60s for inspiration. My personal favorite shots originated from zombies Alison and Araena. They appear such as the literal picture perfect mixture of fabulous and vicious.

03  02

The 3rd calendar features zombie mermaids that is a fascinating deviation in the pin-ups theme. The latex work, bloodstream spattering, making up application are consistently place on throughout all the collections. I truly appreciated the truth that they didn’t use photo look for individuals effects simply because they’d be spending a sizable portion of time digitally adding tails and fins towards the models within this third series. 07Personally, i am not really a big mermaid fan, but when mermaids are the factor you’ll most likely have more using this section than Used to do. (I had been really thinking about the behind the curtain description in the finish from the book which detailed the way the mermaid tails were added, though.) My personal favorite of the marine undead series was the look of the bloody mermaid bathtub. (It’s in water therefore it still counts, right?)

Overall I truly loved this book. Whether it didn’t possess the spooky inclusion of as being a zombie pin-up book, I’d most likely have admired it anyway due to the wide array of tattoo work which i reached sample while searching with the photos. (Yay in my derby girl roots!) A clever bonus is all the history that’s provided through the book around the different places where photos were taken. I’m able to honestly state that if you want the pin-up photography style and only like or don’t mind just a little bloodstream and guts included i then think you’ll love this book! I haven’t yet show anybody this book who didn’t love it, so take this into account for just about any undead lover you may know.

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