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Don’t forfeit your command-and-control center to some zombie army - southtech blog constructed from compromised

With a rise in Distributed Denial and services information (Web sites) attacks and packet flooding volume, its apparent that online hackers are utilizing compromised web servers for his or her malicious activities. By infecting servers, these dastardly infiltrators produce a Zombie command-and-control center to direct their malicious activities from.

Online hackers also have walked from stealthy tactics which maintain their botnets safe and adapted a less caring approach. Based on market research by Prolexic, a Web sites minimization firm, average attack durations convey more than bending from 17 hrs this year to 38 hrs in 2013. Additionally, there are been a 33 percent rise in final amount of attacks from 2012 to 2013.

The reason is the fact that hacker's botnets, or zombie military, were mainly constructed from compromised home pc users via adware and spyware infection and virus infections, that takes considerable effort and time. Frightened of recognition and lack of good quality Zombie soldiers, attack durations were shorter. Prolexic believes that the rise in attacks as well as their duration are now being brought on by a rise in compromised Joomla and WordPress servers. It's like Denial-and services information on steroids.

While you might not function as the target of the Web sites attack, your server, otherwise guaranteed correctly, may become a spook command and control in almost any hacker's army. It takes only a single click from any kind of the employees and subsequently factor you realize your server is not beneath your control. This is exactly why its important that you should secure your network using the best security solutions in the marketplace, and SouthTech delivers these to you at reasonable prices.

With SouthTech's network security solutions, we prevent malware from accessing your network through a number of methods. We keep all of your software current to avoid exploits, monitor your network for abnormal behaviors, prevent invasion with the best network firewalls and anti-virus software available, and apply the best Unified Threat Management appliances available on the market.

Don’t forfeit your command-and-control center to some zombie army - southtech blog his or her malicious

Come get the zombie vaccination to avoid online hackers from conquering your network and staking their flag in your command-and-control center. Give SouthTech a phone call today at 941-953-7455 and question our IT service plans. I will be glad to help you with any queries you've.


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