Capcom shutters ‘dead rising’ vancouver studio – variety

“As thing about this overall direction, the Capcom Vancouver studio will suspend operations, effective today, therefore the current staff is going to be let go and also the office is going to be closed.”


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About 158 employees were influenced by the studio’s closure. They’ll receive severance packages for his or her service, Capcom stated, along with a skeleton crew will stay in position until The month of january 2019 to finalize the studio’s closure operations and logistics.

“We understand the effort and contributions of all of the studio team people in creating unforgettable game play encounters for that ‘Dead Rising’ series and ‘Puzzle Fighter,’” the repetition stated.

Earlier today, Capcom stated in an announcement it expects to get rid of about 4.5 billion yen after terminating numerous unnamed projects in the Vancouver studio. Regardless of the anticipated loss, it isn’t altering its forecast throughout the fiscal year. This really is largely because of the ongoing success of “Monster Hunter: World,” which launched on consoles in The month of january as well as on PC in August. That game has exceeded their expectations, selling over 8.3 million copies. Its massive success brought to Capcom’s most-lucrative first quarter because it started disclosing quarterly results.

Capcom let go about 50 individuals from the Vancouver studio captured in order to streamline it and gain control of the following “Dead Rising” game, that was over-scoped and understaffed, based on Kotaku. At that time, the writer also cancelled a surprise game which was supposedly another-person action-adventure occur another New You are able to City.

So, exactly what does all of this mean for that ‘Dead Rising’ franchise? While Capcom’s repetition confirmed multiple titles were cancelled, they stated there aren’t any additional information to talk about at the moment. “Capcom still owns the ‘Dead Rising’ brand,” the repetition stated. “No new titles happen to be announced.”

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