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Everything Zombie won the Origins Award for the best Miniatures Game in 2005. From then so far, gamers have altered and all sorts of Things Zombie has altered together.


Desire a game where whatever you do operates round the table and kill Zombies? Should you choose, then Everything Zombie Evolution isn’t for you personally.

Consider all of the great and never so excellent Zombie movies and tv series. Remember the number of Zombies the heroes wiped out? Im betting you dont, however i bet you remember the way they interacted along with other survivors and just how they finally transformed the obstacles within their way. In a nutshell, you recall the Story.

And thats what Everything Zombie Evolution is about, the storyline your Story.

Everything Zombie – Evolution sweeps you up and sticks you right in the center of a catastrophic zombie outbreak. What you are once the outbreak occurs is equally as essential as where you stand. Because unlike other zombie games, in which the zombies have been in existence for some time, you wont have the ability to tell the humans in the zombies until maybe its far too late. Because its all going on much like it might on The First Day.

Confusion, chaos, and lack of knowledge a few of the difficulties youll face once the world begins to crumble. Are you going to have what must be done to outlive the very first thirty days?


Everything Zombie – Evolution starts on the very first day from the Outbreak, however lets you continue your existence, building your own future. Its a game title where everything continues to be covered, while you first escape the soulless creatures that threaten you, then search them lower and get back whats yours. In route youll discover that your most harmful opponents arent the zombies, but they are other people and often your old buddies.

  • Play Everything Zombie – Evolution solo, cooperatively from the game, or mind to mind against each other.
  • Listen to it like a one-time game or a part of a continuing campaign.
  • Listen to it around the Tabletop or around the Fight Boards we have incorporated.
  • It doesnt matter which way you listen to it, as the aim of Everything Zombie – Evolution would be to rebuild the planet, while you understood it except maybe this time around along with you in control.

    Inside youll find:

  • Color cardstock counters and 2 color 8 x 10 Fight Boards.
  • Three classes Survivor, Ganger, or Militia, each with various goals and opportunites.
  • Everything zombie - evolution Three classes  Survivor

  • Attributes, Skills, and much more, that are utilized to define your Figures making them unique.
  • An easy-book keeping Campaign System to reward you whenever you prosper and punish you whenever you dont.
  • A number of Zombies, in the old-fashioned Shamblers to Smarties and Ragers.
  • Pre- generated scenarios that may be performed alone or performed together to construct your Story.
  • A completely populated Publish-Apocalyptic town that you should adventure in.
  • All of this plus much more.
  • So we didnt even mention the Werewolves, Aliens or Vampires.

    Everything Zombie Still THE Zombie game.

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