Obvious zombies in jde instantly using command line utility tool

CNC everyone has been struggling with zombies for a long time now and Oracle continues to have not develop a choice to get rid ofOrobvious zombies periodically/instantly from enterprise servers. Zombies are individuals process that have gone defunct and aren’t helpful. But at occasions parents process (jdenet_n) doesn’t release the sources utilized by these processes. Zombies might be produced because of database issue, faulty code or process errors. When such zombie processes stack up, they consume your server’s valuable sources, leading to slowness of system. And slowness in production environment, is one thing that may affect your company to some large extent and may cost you money and time.

There are just two methods to obvious these zombies:

  • Obvious zombies for affected enterprise server from Server Manager
  • Kill zombie’s parent process – which may involve restarting JD Edwards services on enterprise servers (this is really from the picture for production atmosphere)

To resolve this issue, I’ve produced an order line utility “clearzombies”. This tool accepts several parameters as input and clears zombies from your enterprise server by looking into making web calls to Server Manager. You are able to schedule it, like a command or perhaps a batch file script, using home windows task scheduler.

To prevent the issue of passing password like a plaintext (because this is a contributing factor to security concern for a lot of organizations), I’ve also produced another utility known as “encryptSVMpass” to create an encrypted password which may be passed to “clearzombies” utility. encryptSVMpass usage is really as follows:


Following is usage guide for clearzombies utility:


clearzombies SVMHost SVMPort SVMUserID SVMPasswordEncrypted

ESHostName ESInstanceName JDEAgentInstallPath [debugon]


SVMHost Hostname from the server which server manager is installed

SVMPort Port number which server manager is running, generally it’s 8999

SVMUserID User ID to login to Server Manager

SVMPasswordEncrypted Use file encryption tool ‘encryptSVMpass’ to create encrypted password

ESHostName Hostname of Enterprise Server as registered in Server Manager

ESInstanceName Instance name of Enterprise Server as registered in Server Manager

JDEAgentInstallPath Full road to directory where representative is installed, could be acquired from Server Manager

debugon Optional parameter, will output debug messages while execution

Example Usage 1:

clearzombies JDEDEPSVR 8999 jde_admin 6pNmxcl6jImEn0aD81KYPNi4NyEG5FkKEV2lTbnUAPCC32QcfZvzNm3h4YGFHJFI9cGJIE9t+/KODu6XnIKYXzMOF+BhCSjfRx66uXZ4DURu/7hIu6Z4KHycqB61K/6s JDEENTSVR Ing_Prod /u01/apps/jdedwards/agent

Example Usage 2:

clearzombies JDEDEPSVR.company.com 8999 jde_admin 6pNmxcl6jImEn0aD81KYPNi4NyEG5FkKEV2lTbnUAPCC32QcfZvzNm3h4YGFHJFI9cGJIE9t+/KODu6XnIKYXzMOF+BhCSjfRx66uXZ4DURu/7hIu6Z4KHycqB61K/6s JDEUBESVR.company.com Ing_Prod /u01/apps/jdedwards/e900/jde_home/agent

Parameter detailsParameter details


clearzombies is really a command line utility that takes necessary inputs and performs web calls to login to Server Manager, access process details page for provided enterprise server, determine should there be any zombie processes and when found, it transmits a payload request to Server Manager’s ajax handler servlet, which clears the zombie process.


Make sure that ESHostname, ESInstanceName and JDEInstallPath are just as registered in Server Manager. These records could be acquired from Server Manager Dashboard page and you’re advised to repeat paste it from there rather of typing, to prevent human error.

Following is really a screenshot of functioning of clearzombies utility:


Use below connect to download zip archive that contains both necessary files.


For those who have multiple enterprise servers, save instructions for each server, one server per line, inside a batch file (copy the command with full road to a text file and reserve it with .bat extension) and schedule batch file to operate, say for instance, every one hour. Follow here to understand how to plan a task in home windows task scheduler, other half of this article describes scheduling a courseOrpiece of software.

Following is a good example of batch script for just two servers, it may be modified for a variety of servers:

@echo off

REM Set the road by which clearzombies.exe continues to be placed

SET dirpath="C:CNC_ToolsClearZombies"

cd %dirpath%

REM Initialize variables


SET SVMPort="8999"

SET SVMUserID="jde_admin"

SET SVMPasswordEncrypted="6pNmxcl6jImEn0aD81KYPNi4NyEG5FkKEV2lTbnUAPCC32QcfZvzNm3h4YGFHJFI9cGJIE9t+/KODu6XnIKYXzMOF+BhCSjfRx66uXZ4DURu/7hIu6Z4KHycqB61K/6s"


SET ESInstanceName="ing_dev"

SET JDEAgentInstallPath="/u01/apps/jdedwards/agent"

clearzombies %SVMHost% %SVMPort% %SVMUserID% %SVMPasswordEncrypted% %ESHostName% %ESInstanceName% %JDEAgentInstallPath%


SET ESInstanceName="ing_prd"

SET JDEAgentInstallPath="/u01/apps/jdedwards/agent"

clearzombies %SVMHost% %SVMPort% %SVMUserID% %SVMPasswordEncrypted% %ESHostName% %ESInstanceName% %JDEAgentInstallPath%

Save this code inside a file with .bat extension and schedule it in task scheduler to automate clearing of zombies in your JD Edwards setup.

I’ve tested it with latest server manager releases and delay pills work fine. Please add comments in situation you face any issues in order to report bugs using the tool. If you’d like to possess something customized for the project in the same way, please use contact page to achieve i and me will respond.

Edit: Support for Server Manager 8.98 continues to be added too.

Resourse: http://nimishprabhu.com/

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