Afterlife with archie: the 13 scariest moments

Afterlife with archie: the 13 scariest moments two women, devoted buddies

Within the 4 years because it first debuted, Afterlife with Archie has gone from high-concept gimmick towards the most consistently entertaining comic currently available. When we desired to become overcome by hyperbole, we may possess the cojones to state the pairing of writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (whose success using the title led to him being named Archie’s Chief Creative Officer) and artist Francesco Francavilla is the very best pairing in comics since Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

Okay, maybe this is a bit much, but you will naturally overcome-excited when speaking relating to this comic. Afterlife with Archie is a magazine that in writing seems like a clone of The Walking Dead, but is within actuality an authentic story that utilizes the zombie apocalypse like a backdrop to deconstruct and rebuild all you thought you understood about Archie…and horror comics generally. Each one of the title’s ten issues to date have twisted the familiar Archie tropes – a primary character torn between two women, devoted buddies, competition among the teenagers, etc. – into story points that go ahead and take readers into shocking and unpredicted places. Aguirre-Sacasa and Francavilla’s Riverdale is among mystery and danger, where there is nothing impossible and nobody is safe. Which is wonderful.

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Spoilers follow from here on.

Afterlife with archie: the 13 scariest moments all you thought you understood

The storyline to date: When Reggie hits Jughead’s beloved pet Waitress Or together with his vehicle, Jug takes his dead dog to Sabrina to find out if she will help revive him. Going from the fundamental rules of witchcraft and nature, she achieves this while using Necronomicon. Unfortuantely, things fail and also the undead Waitress Or bites Jughead, who soon turns into a zombie, kickstarting a wave of dying and chaos within Riverdale. Archie and the pals band together within the Lodge mansion to outlive, and on the way familiar figures bite the dust before all of them are made to leave Riverdale when it’s overrun through the undead.

Afterlife with archie: the 13 scariest moments readers into shocking and

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