Anime hurry:lost zombie space – download

Anime hurry:lost zombie space - download of coins consuming

Writer Description

Start the killing: FIGHT world war 2 on graveyard and be the best SHOOTER.

Be a part of ghosts duels! Hear the horror games roar while you walk into the battleground! Pay attention to your heartbeat within the anticipation of horror!

Succeed and also have the glory you usually wanted or fail and become erased from zombies history .

Obtain a apple fire and begin shooting to harmful horror ghosts.

IN anime hurry:lost zombie space Help awaken Zombies to flee in the ghost, a bar accidentally built atop a classic temple graveyard. Tell you nasty swamp, old village, cursed hillsides and fallen temple locations.

anime hurry:lost zombie space in 7 words: great game play, awesome visuals and entertaining missions. And on top of that? It is a free game to pass through time!

WHATS Happening?

Seize control of zombies apocalypse, a ragtag gang of defenders focused on protecting humanity in the ghosts within this unique mixture of Tower Defense and Strategy game play. Doomsday Survivors have searched for refuge inside a suburban mansion and it is to the anime hurry:lost zombie space to prevent the monsters!

DOWNLOAD the application free of charge now and do not miss amazing NEW CONTENT on periodic UPDATES. If you want fighting games, you’ll love the awesome anime hurry:lost zombie space game!

The Zombie Outbreak just begun…

Fears of infection have forced many to cover…

Others, vowed to protect black house from the walking ghost…

These defenders were dubbed … "anime hurry:lost zombie space"

Change Your WEAPONS!

Change your the anime hurry:lost zombie space to enhance their weapons while increasing their damage capacity to the undead…

HERE They Are Available!

Protect against the Zombie mobs with a number of weapons like apple, Chainsaws, fire Flamethrowers and much more!

Release ZOMBIES !

Release a anime hurry to produce a craze of devastating burst attacks!


Train your ANIME Hurry:LOST ZOMBIE SPACE GAME to improve their abilities and survive longer from the undead…

Earn coins running from zombies and buy effective power ups.

Unlock different zombies, space stage along with other surprises!


Supercharge anime hurry with BOOSTERS like Double Damage, Double Health, Double Coins, Double Rage and others…


Drop "Mob Stoppers", giant super weapons, to show the tide in humanity’s favor…

anime hurry:lost zombie space is really a 2D running game. Players could possibly get coins, get power-ups, exchange scroll for the money, absorb energy circles to gather energy, activate ninja skills, and so forth. There are lots of coins consuming methods hanging around

● Limited data usage

Our game won’t consume a lot of data out of your mobile plan that you would use rather to surf the net, watch youtube videos and pay attention to free music

● Countless mission:

The zombie needs your help. Discover the target, aim, and aim for an headshot on all of the bad ghosts: suicide bombers, dumb gangsters, thugs or corrupted cops…They do not stand an opportunity.

Awesome power ups: Kill ghosts! Use zombie apocalypse to kill anime hoard!

Run so far as you are able to and beat your friend’s score.


Anime hurry:lost zombie space - download youtube videos★★★★★ Hot zombies-themed game

★★★★★ Many figures for player anime into game

★★★★★ Wealthy scenes and obstacles to change

★★★★★ Simple touch controls!

★★★★★ Stunning retro graphics

★★★★★ Craze finger playing space style

★★★★★ Awesome animated effects for lost

★★★★★ Interesting upgrades and new effective weapons.

★★★★★ Awesome graphics

★★★★★ Many zombies and anime to battle with

★★★★★ Simple to play and relaxing

★★★★★ Four crazy hurry figures!

★★★★★ Bonus space stage!

★★★★★ Endless hurry game!

★★★★★ Various action

★★★★★ Kinds of coins consuming methods

Get fun with ANIME Hurry:LOST ZOMBIE SPACE Game !

Recent changes:

+ Bug fixes

+ Performance enhancements

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You are able to play offline with ANIME Hurry:LOST ZOMBIE SPACE Game anywhere!

Anime hurry:lost zombie space - download awaken Zombies to flee