Diet soap #200: the parable from the physician «

Diet soap #200: the parable from the physician « many these items passing

Hey Doug, just viewed the episode, think it is great of course. Interesting philosophical and theological styles being discussed, as well as lots of Zizek that is usually a good factor within my humble opinion, lol. Simply to toss my two cents about this subject … I’ve observed that in many these items passing itself off as sci-fi, it appears like we can’t help but sneak up these religious/mythical styles in to the story in some way. I’ve observed this in many disaster-finish-of-the-world type movies where, at first glance you’ve got a sci-fi premises (ex. humans dicking around with cloning technology thus unleashing resurrected dinosaurs that proceed in eating stated humans.) but ultimately there’s a type of conservative religious message behind it. I check this out in giant monster movies. At first glance its Humans have messed with nature which weird animal or creature continues to be born that moment smashing crap. However the underlying message essentially appears to become another form of Noah’s Arch or Babel. Humans have pissed off god or mother nature as well as other type of greater cosmic authority and therefore the forces from the cosmos have made the decision to punish humanity because of its arrogance usually by means of a huge monster, an excellent-storm or disaster, a spook outbreak, cloned dinosaurs, whatever. Same factor appears to choose things like Physician Who as well as Star Wars. I do not figure out what that states apart from inside a weird way were really a means more religious society only then do we think. It’s like we secretly have to have confidence in some cosmic authority in ways. We have to have confidence in a world where there’s some rhyme or need to it which the cosmos can ensure justice in some manner. I suppose this is exactly what Zizek means as he states today’s ecosystem movement functions such as the new opium of those. It isn’t really facing the blunt reality of these ecological problems it’s desiring some type of stability and meaning it our relationship to nature. These sci-fi films don’t appear to become really about speculating or exploring styles about science, technology, future societal forms as well as their impact on humanity. It appears like they’re interested in seeking a type of meaning during this epoch ever which were residing in at this time. Unsure if you’ve observed that as well.

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